MidCamp is an annual event held in Chicago that brings together people who use, develop, design, and support the Web’s leading content management platform, Drupal. Organized by volunteers from the regional Drupal community, MidCamp features curated sessions and panel conversations by internationally-renowned Drupal experts.

In 2021, things were a little different and MidCamp was held as a totally virtual event. All discussions took place in Zoom but we had a physical presence in Gather.Town. Rather than formally prepared sessions, MidCamp’s third day was an unconference where anyone could propose topics. Everyone voted and space was made for discussions around the most popular topics.

I had the privilege of facilitating two discussions: “Training in Drupal” and “Visual Regression Testing – what are people using?”.

Training in Drupal

Thursday, March 19th, 2020 at 9:45 am

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Do you train people how to use Drupal? I lead a workshop about once a quarter in conjunction with Drupal Global Training Day, but there’s always room for improvement. What do you do? What has worked over the last year and what have you wanted to try?

My takeaways from this discussion

How do you make a space for learning that is collaborative and interactive in a remote workshop?

  •  dedicate open time for questions and sharing
  •  set the tone early on that this is not a lecture
  •  consider breaking up long workshops into smaller chunks
  •  homework or other pre/post resources so that you spend less time lecturing

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Visual Regression Testing – what are people using?

Friday, March 26th, 2021 at 2:00 pm

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What tools are you using for Visual Regression Testing? I’ve presented on BackstopJS in the past, but I’ve been out of the agency world for years. What new tech and tools are making your life easier?

My takeaways from this discussion

BackstopJS still seems like a widely supported, flexible option for running VRT locally (for free). Other tools that the group use are Nightwatch.JS and Percy.