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Find that bug you made months ago with Git Bisect

Friday, Nov 15th, 3:30 pm – 3:45 pm

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Download slidesFind that bug you made months ago with Git Bisect – wcboise2019.pdf

You made a mistake months ago and a part of the site is broken. No one noticed at first, but now the client is upset. You need to fix it – and fast! But where in the code was this bug introduced?

What if I told you there’s a tool hidden within Git to quickly find when a bug was committed and then fix it? Git Bisect allows you to jump through dozens of commits at once and find the culprit within seconds – even when you don’t know exactly when it happened or even what file was edited. Once we understand the basics, we’ll take it a step further with automation.

This session is appropriate for anyone comfortable with Git and who sometimes makes mistakes.

Key takeaway: “Git Bisect is an easy to use tool that will save me hours of work tracking down hidden bugs in my code.”

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Visual Regression Testing with BackstopJS

Saturday, Nov 16th, 10:00 am – 10:45 am

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Get the slidesVisual Regression Testing with BackstopJS

How do you tell if a change you made to your website has unintended side effects? Security updates should rarely result in anything changing visually, but how can you be sure?

Visual regression testing automates the comparison process by taking screenshots of two URLs and comparing them. You can view a report that highlights the differences and use the pass/fail result to make decisions.

In this workshop, we will use the BackstopJS visual regression tool locally, via Node JS, to automate visual QA. We will also learn how to scale and automate these tests across multiple sites and URLs.

Key takeaway: “Writing tests can be easy. Tests will dramatically improve the quality of my work and build confidence that I’m not introducing bugs.”

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