Recently, I started trying to form a new habit. I read that it takes about 10 weeks to make a new habit automatic; something we’ll do without even thinking about it. To help me track progress, I created the spreadsheet you see above.

On the top of the sheet, I list the one habit I’m trying to form along with a notes section. Below that, I have a list of the daily incidentals. These are the things that are important to me that happen as an indirect result of doing my habit.

This checklist is intentionally open-ended. I use some of the rows at the bottom to track how I feel emotionally and physically. I also added a row to track push-ups.


What can you add that will make it more useful for you? Download the habit-forming checklist. Try it out. Write back to let me know what new habit you’re using it for and how you’re making it your own.

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David Needham

David Needham is the Team Lead of the Technical Curriculum Development team at Datadog. When he's not blogging about productivity and faith at or speaking at conferences, you can find him streaming on Twitch or playing fun board games with his wife and kids in Champaign, IL.


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